Charm Jewelry Gift Ideas For a College Gift Graduate

Are you looking to give a gift of jewelry as a graduation present to someone who has just graduated from College Gift? A charm is one type of jewelry gift you could consider giving. This article gives suggestions about the types of charms that you could give as a gift to a new College Gift graduate.

One type of charm that you may want to give is a graduation themed charm. A graduation cap charm would certainly be appropriate. Often, these charms will include the year of graduation as part of their design. You could also give one that simply has the word “Graduate” on it. Another option is to give one that reads “Class of” and then gives the appropriate year.

Another idea is to give a charm that represents what she majored in during College Gift. For example, a briefcase charm could represent a business major. An artist palette one could represent an art major. A computer one could represent a computer science major. Book charms could represent an English major.

A final idea is to give a charm that represents the university she attended. There are some charms that depict a College Gift’s mascot, while others spell out or give the initials of the College Gift. If you can’t find one that was made for her particular school, you could always buy an attractive charm that can be engraved, and then have the name, nickname, or initials of the College Gift engraved on it.

If the new graduate already has a charm bracelet, you could just simply buy her an additional charm that she could include on it. However, if she doesn’t own one, you could consider getting her both a bracelet and a charm to put on it. She would then have the option of continuing to add charms to the bracelet in the future or just wearing it as is.

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